Endicott Athletics Hall of Fame

Wall mural from Hall of Fame area


The purpose of the Endicott Athletic Hall of Fame is to give lasting recognition to those individuals and teams who have made exceptional contributions to the achievements and prestige of Endicott in the field of athletics, and who have continued to demonstrate in their lives the values imparted by intercollegiate athletics.  

Placques of these chosen few are enshrined on the walls of the Post Center.

Please use the links below to navigate through our Hall of Fame members, the online nomination form for the Class of 2013, our bylaws, and a photo gallery of the recently renovated Post Center and Hall of Fame areas.

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Endicott Hall of Fame News

October 7, 2015 - Lally '06, Sargent Plath '09 Inducted Into Endicott Athletics Hall of Fame
September 22, 2014 – Endicott to Induct Former Director of Athletics and Head Coach into Hall of Fame
September 30, 2013Endicott Set to Induct Savitske and Jean-Paul into Hall of Fame
September 29, 2012Endicott Inducts Three into Hall of Fame

2015 Endicott Hall of Fame Inductees

Black and white action photo of Kevin Lally playing lacrosse Black and white action photo of Meghan Sargent playing softball
Kevin Lally '06, Men's Lacrosse Meghan Sargent '09, Softball



Endicott Athletics Hall of Fame

Induction Year Name Sport(s) Year of Graduation
2012 Greg Allain Baseball 2005
2003 Linda L. Anderson-Mercier    
2012 David and Barbara Bader    
2010 Matthew Bagshaw Men's Lacrosse 2003
1994 Denise Bates Women's Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Softball 1990
1995 Karen Baumann Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball, Softball 1991
1995 Diane Broughton Women's Basketball, Softball 1991
2005 Nathan Burnett Baseball 2000
2008 Bryan Caruso Baseball 2002
2005 Shannon Corliss Women's Soccer 2000
2010 Jeremy Currier Men's Basketball 2004
2007 Sandy Dodge Cichowski Women's Soccer 1988
2009 Sarah Dunfey Women's Basketball, Field Hockey 2001
2001 Jason Ebacher Men's Basketball 1996
1994 Ruth Feteris Women's Basketball 1985
2010 Dina Gentile Women's Soccer  
1996 Peder Hagglund Men's Soccer 1995
2011 Kate Healey Women's Soccer 2004
2014 Larry Hiser Baseball  
2010 Renee Kelly Softball 2003
1994 Michelle La Roche Women's Volleyball, Women's Basketball 1986
2015 Kevin Lally Men's Lacrosse 2006
2010 Adrienne Leone Softball 2003
1996 Christine MacKay Women's Basketball, Softball 1987
2006 Christopher Maher Men's Lacrosse 1999
2006 Thomas Maher Men's Lacrosse 2000
2001 Tara Mansour Women's Basketball, Softball 1995
2008 Yuko Matsumoto Women's Tennis 2001
2003 David Oliver Men's Soccer 1997
1994 Mary Oppenheim Aquatics 1951
2011 Josh Oxton Men's Basketball 2005
2013 Pego Jean-Paul Football 2008
1998 Jennifer Peterson Coggins Women's Volleyball 1994
1999 Carleen Rago Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball 1995
2009 Alfred "Rick" Riccio Men's Lacrosse 2001
2013 Robyn Savitske Crosby Softball 2007
1994 Dorothy Russell Baker Figure Skating 1949
2015 Meghan Sargent Plath Softball 2009
2012 Jessica Scholz Women's Soccer 2004
2007 Eric Simonelli Men's Basketball 2001
2005 Heidi Stevens Fazzina Women's Basketball, Field Hockey, Softball 2000
1995 Toshimi Sugimoto Women's Tennis 1992
2003 Melissa Tarpy Women's Basketball, Softball 1998


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