L.E.A.D. - Leaders of the Endicott Athletics Department

Four Core Standards of Leadership seal Commitment.
Effective Communication.

These are the four core standards of leadership and the foundation for Endicott student-athletes, coaches, and administrators. These standards were developed by the Leaders of the Endicott Athletics Department (L.E.A.D.) over the course of several months starting in the fall of 2015. At the beginning of the process, a group of captains and emerging leaders, as well as a separate group of coaches and administrators, gave individual assessments on what leadership meant in their current roles. What came out of these focus groups which included round-table discussion was the four core standards of leadership. 


"Totally invest yourself socially, athletically, and academically to your team, department, and Endicott."


"Be the best version of yourself to consistently do the right thing and own it when you don't."

Effective Communication

"Make honesty, active listening, and follow-through the highest priority when communicating and be open to new ideas."


"Show mental and physical toughness and believe in yourself even in the face of adversity." 

Endicott Athletics Unveils New Leadership-Inspired Core Values

With over 600 student-athletes on campus, making up roughly 24 percent of the entire undergraduate population, this foundation of leadership helps set a standard of excellence not only on the field but equally off the field. Student-athletes are expected to implement the four core standards of leadership in their everyday lives whether that be in the classroom, in their social lives, on the practice and the field of competition, and ultimately when they graduate from Endicott and pursue their professional goals. 

After the four core standards of leadership were developed, a personal leadership inventory and self-reflection assessment were completed by coaches and administrators. This documentation inspired what was ultimately determined to be a definition of leadership as it applies to Endicott Athletics:


"A process where an individual influences a community to achieve a common goal."

The implementation process is now in full swing and future generations of Endicott student-athletes will greatly benefit from being part of an athletic environment that promotes exceptional leadership, not only from coaches and captains but from every member of a team. This leadership campaign parallels the College's mission of providing young men and women the best possible educational experience and one that challenges each student to be prepared for life after Endicott. Athletically, we seek to do the same while keeping our sights set for competition and ultimately, championships.