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Endicott Field Hockey Gets National Recognition

Endicott Field Hockey Gets National Recognition

BEVERLY, Mass. - The Endicott field hockey team generated great achievements in 2012. Those achievements and the dedication of the student-athletes and coaching staff have been recognized on the national platform. The Association for the Protection of Collegiate Athletes (APCA) has released their 2012 Ranking Report for Division III Field Hockey. The report compares all the schools in each NCAA Division and ranks each against their peers based on athletic success, academic progress and the treatment of players.

The President of the APCA, Mike McGuiness stated in the Ranking Report Release, "Our long-term goal is to provide more transparency for prospective student-athletes and to give credit to those programs that successfully support their student-athletes. If we're lucky, hopefully we can also change some behavior in the process too."

Endicott has been placed high on this list coming in at No. 2 right behind Lynchburg College. The company they keep in the top five are Utica College, MIT and Skidmore. This is the first time the APCA has conducted the research in order to come up with these rankings and it is a very special place for the field hockey program to be recognized.

The factors that weigh into the decision are pieces that the entire Endicott community thrives on in terms of keeping students connected and involved during their time on campus and after they graduate. Academics, the treatment of student-athletes and athletics are very important to the entire Athletic Department at Endicott. It is important that student athletes perform well in the classroom and enjoy being a part of the Endicott way of life.

To view the full APCA DIII Field Hockey Ranking Report click HERE