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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

As the Student Athletic Advisory Council for Endicott College, it is our mission to assist in the creation of an environment where all student-athletes have the opportunity to maximize their academic, personal and social growth. It is our desire to help build a strong tradition in athletics and strive for success in and outside the lines. As members of the SAAC, we must serve as a liaison between the committee and our respective teams.

Purpose of SAAC:

• Provide a forum for discussion of matters of concern for athletic teams.

• Discuss, adopt and carry out procedures necessary for the general welfare of Endicott athletics.

• Promote better communication and camaraderie among teams.

• Promote effective communication between athletics, administration and the student-athletes to better serve their needs.

• Increase awareness of athletic programs on the campus and in the surrounding community.

• Encourage involvement of student-athletes in community and campus life.

• Serve as a liaison between the Commonwealth Coast Conference and the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Executive Board


SAAC Advisor:
Andy McPhee | Chair: Maxine Bergstein | Vice-Chair: Adam Legg | Secretary: Kathryn Magee CCC SAAC Representatives: Will Connelly, Lexi Klein, Courtney Walpole

2016-17 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Membership

Hometown Team
Michael Amato full bio Michael Amato Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Simsbury, Conn. Team: Baseball
Michael DeDonato full bio Michael DeDonato Cl.: So. Hometown: Chelmsford, Mass. Team: Baseball
Victor Molle full bio Victor Molle Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Peabody, Mass. Team: Baseball
Samantha Crowley full bio Samantha Crowley Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Leicester, Mass. Team: Field Hockey
Cameron Molinare full bio Cameron Molinare Cl.: So. Hometown: Simsbury, Conn. Team: Field Hockey
Emily Paladino full bio Emily Paladino Cl.: Sr. Hometown: North Reading, Mass. Team: Field Hockey
Madi Wood full bio Madi Wood Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Bristol, Vt. Team: Field Hockey
Matthew Acierno full bio Matthew Acierno Cl.: So. Hometown: Patchogue, N.Y. Team: Football
Hakim Fleming full bio Hakim Fleming Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Bridgeport, Conn. Team: Football
Christian Martinez full bio Christian Martinez Cl.: Sr. Hometown: Tariffville, Conn. Team: Football
Vinny Clifford full bio Vinny Clifford Cl.: So. Hometown: Danvers, Mass. Team: Men's Basketball
Karlens Joas full bio Karlens Joas Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Malden, Mass. Team: Men's Basketball
Joe Shehadi full bio Joe Shehadi Cl.: So. Hometown: Dorset, Vt. Team: Men's Basketball
Will Connelly full bio Will Connelly Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Barrington, R.I. Team: Men's Cross Country
Patrick Finocchiaro full bio Patrick Finocchiaro Cl.: So. Hometown: Salem, N.H. Team: Men's Cross Country
Carter Horwitz full bio Carter Horwitz Cl.: So Hometown: Tustin, Calif. Team: Men's Ice Hockey
Joseph Slovak full bio Joseph Slovak Cl.: So Hometown: South Yarmouth, Mass. Team: Men's Ice Hockey
Matthew Faucher full bio Matthew Faucher Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Western Springs, Ill. Team: Men's Lacrosse
Grant Garrity full bio Grant Garrity Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Duxbury, Mass. Team: Men's Lacrosse
Jake Lambert full bio Jake Lambert Cl.: So. Hometown: Ramsey, N.J. Team: Men's Soccer
Adam Legg full bio Adam Legg Cl.: Jr. Hometown: York, Maine Team: Men's Soccer
Diego Maillo full bio Diego Maillo Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Team: Men's Soccer
Charles Book full bio Charles Book Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Devon, Pa. Team: Men's Tennis
Nicholas Eherts full bio Nicholas Eherts Cl.: Jr. Hometown: New Milford, Conn. Team: Men's Tennis
Christopher Kirkpatrick full bio Christopher Kirkpatrick Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Newburyport, Mass. Team: Men's Tennis
Ryan Healy full bio Ryan Healy Cl.: So. Hometown: Fair Lawn, N.J. Team: Men's Volleyball
Chad Riorden full bio Chad Riorden Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Fairport, N.Y. Team: Men's Volleyball
Tyler Willgoos full bio Tyler Willgoos Cl.: Sr. Hometown: Newington, Conn. Team: Men's Volleyball
Gina DeMilt full bio Gina DeMilt Cl.: So. Hometown: Princeton Junction, N.J. Team: Softball
KK Palmerino full bio KK Palmerino Cl.: So. Hometown: Glenmont, N.Y. Team: Softball
Danielle Stratton full bio Danielle Stratton Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Agawam, Mass. Team: Softball
Gabriella Coppola full bio Gabriella Coppola Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Watertown, Mass. Team: Women's Basketball
Catie Lipscomb full bio Catie Lipscomb Cl.: So. Hometown: West Springfield, Mass. Team: Women's Basketball
Hannah Shaw full bio Hannah Shaw Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Bar Harbor, Maine Team: Women's Basketball
Katie Valcich full bio Katie Valcich Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Hampton, N.H. Team: Women's Basketball
Abigail Keim full bio Abigail Keim Cl.: So. Hometown: Williston, Vt. Team: Women's Cross Country
Maeve Kelly full bio Maeve Kelly Cl.: So. Hometown: Washingtonville, N.Y. Team: Women's Cross Country
Brooke Waites full bio Brooke Waites Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Niantic, Conn. Team: Women's Cross Country
Lexi Klein full bio Lexi Klein Cl.: So. Hometown: Shoreview, Minn. Team: Women's Ice Hockey
Maggie Layo full bio Maggie Layo Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Sandwich, Mass. Team: Women's Ice Hockey
Courtney Walpole full bio Courtney Walpole Cl.: So. Hometown: Allen, Texas Team: Women's Ice Hockey
Jackie Healy full bio Jackie Healy Cl.: So. Hometown: Northborough, Mass. Team: Women's Lacrosse
Erin McCarthy full bio Erin McCarthy Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Old Lyme, Conn. Team: Women's Lacrosse
Shannon Hickey full bio Shannon Hickey Cl.: Jr. Hometown: East Haddam, Conn. Team: Women's Soccer
Brianna Knight full bio Brianna Knight Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Andover, Mass. Team: Women's Soccer
Kathryn Magee full bio Kathryn Magee Cl.: So. Hometown: Westminster, Mass. Team: Women's Soccer
Elizabeth Masucci full bio Elizabeth Masucci Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Norwell, Mass. Team: Women's Soccer
Alyssa Silk full bio Alyssa Silk Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Charlton, Mass. Team: Women's Soccer
Maxine Bergstein full bio Maxine Bergstein Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Hingham, Mass. Team: Women's Tennis
Mackenzie Judd full bio Mackenzie Judd Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Sherwood, Wisc. Team: Women's Tennis
Lauren Rahr full bio Lauren Rahr Cl.: So. Hometown: Waterford, Conn. Team: Women's Tennis
Cydney Pierce full bio Cydney Pierce Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Carpinteria, Calif. Team: Women's Volleyball
Lauren Sheehan full bio Lauren Sheehan Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Bainbridge Island, Wash. Team: Women's Volleyball
Erika Trudon full bio Erika Trudon Cl.: Sr. Hometown: Coventry, Conn. Team: Women's Volleyball