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EC OBSERVER: Coaches' Corner With Lance Greene '13

EC OBSERVER: Coaches' Corner With Lance Greene '13

- By Zach Weiss (Staff Writer)

I had the pleasure last week, of speaking with Lance Greene '13, who spent three years on the Endicott men's basketball team, and is now going into his second year as an assistant coach with the program.

Lance averaged 14.1 points per game for his career as a combo guard, but was not a guy who played for the stats.

"I was one of those who took it game-by-game and not a 'I have to get my numbers, kind of guy.' Whatever I could do to help the team win, that was my mentality," Greene said.

His unselfishness on the court defines the team-first style of play that the team followed then, and still does today, as noted by their first-ever NCAA victory over Catholic last year.

Lance, having played three years at Endicott, began his collegiate time at Virginia State. He transferred to Endicott following his first semester, due to the fit that was there. He spoke of the openness of the team to accept him as a big factor in his success.

"I had to get acclimated to a new school, new team, a new system; you know it takes some time to adjust. However, being around a group of guys who were very open, willing to accept me and what I had to offer, it was special."

Lance helped lead Endicott to NCAA's during the 2011-12 season, where the team suffered a tough 72-71 loss to Oswego State in overtime.

The Endicott winds were blowing for Greene again, when head coach Kevin Bettencourt offered him a position as the lead assistant coach on the staff. He spoke highly of Coach Bettencourt on the matter.

"It's a blessing in disguise for him to offer me a position to join his staff. He has so much experience and background knowledge of the game, as a player at the Division I level, but also coaching at the Division II level, and now here coaching at the Division III level," he told me.

Tell White, a former 3-year Endicott Basketball player, was also an assistant coach on last year's staff. It speaks volumes to how closely connected players feel to the program here.

Greene has had a phenomenal experience at Endicott. He summed it up perfectly with this quote, his favorite part of being an Endicott College Gull: "The opportunities here at this school are unreal. I think just speaking with the right individual, having an idea that you want to see flourish, there's always an opportunity for that to happen. No is never the answer. Let's just see if we can try to make it work. I think that's one of the greatest things this school has as an asset. Having dreams become a reality."

He summed up his time at Endicott with a three-word phrase: "I was here."

Lance continued.

"I think during my time here, an ultimate goal of mine has been to be a motivator or an inspirer, to achieve as much as I can, to meet as much as I can. People, places, opportunities, I've taken, for me, as exploration, trying to become as well-rounded as possible," Greene said.

He tries to instill that in everybody that he comes across.

When he's not coaching or playing basketball, Greene is either drawing, or watching his main man, the Incredible Hulk in action. He had a hard time identifying the best Hulk actor.

"I think Edward Norton takes the cake for me, he's done well. But, Mark Ruffalo has done a great job too. I think the character in general is pretty cool as an individual."

He also told me that he's a big fan of R & B as well as Hip-hop music, but couldn't identify a specific favorite artist.

"I don't have a favorite. Whatever pops into my head, that's what I like, depending on my mood. I don't know if I can pick one, Zach, I think it'd be unfair," Greene exclaimed.

It was truly a pleasure to be able to speak with such a well-spoken, enthusiastic individual.

Catch the Endicott Men's Basketball team in their home opener on November 30th.

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