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INTERNSHIP INSIGHT: Gina Sherman ’19 – Cove Elementary School

Gina Sherman poses for a photo with her teammates.


BEVERLY, Mass. – Endicott College is a pioneer in requiring comprehensive internship experiences in every program of study for undergraduate students. Here's a look into cheerleading student-athlete and psychology major Gina Sherman's '19 (Northborough, Mass.) internship experience at The Cove Elementary School

ECGULLS: Describe your overall internship experience.

SHERMAN: I am completing my internship at Cove Elementary School. My experience so far has exceeded my expectations. I have learned so much from my supervisors, and it is so rewarding to see the children I work with make improvements every day.

ECGULLS: What have you learned from your internship?

SHERMAN: In the time I've been at my internship, I have already learned so much about working with elementary school students. I have taught lessons to classes, as well as running social groups. I have also learned that time management is very important in this field, and every minute with a student counts. Every day is different, and it is important to be able to adjust your schedule to fit the needs of the students.

ECGULLS: How will this internship help you in your career moving forward?

SHERMAN: This internship will help me with my career moving forward by showing me what school counselors deal with on a daily basis. My past internships have been great for my resume, and future employers will see that I have already had hands-on experience working in this field.


A philosophy of "learning by doing" permeates the college curriculum in which students are encouraged to integrate theory and practice in all of their studies.

Through their experiences in internships students will be prepared to:

  • Apply, integrate, and evaluate knowledge within a particular academic discipline
  • Develop competencies for careers and community service
  • Explore career options and gain field experience
  • Foster personal growth through increased self-confidence, interpersonal skills, an understanding of self and others, and a heightened awareness of ethical standards
  • Improve the ability to learn in a self-directed manner

"The Endicott internship model allows students to have multiple opportunities throughout their college experience to discover their passions, bolster career confidence, and develop a marketable skill set while creating a professional network that will serve them well after graduation," said Endicott's Dean of the Internship and Career Center Eric Hall. "Endicott students leave with the career-readiness competencies and passion needed to excel in today's workforce." 

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(Photo Credit - Nick Grace)