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Endicott Hosts Horseshow

Endicott Hosts Horseshow

Georgetown, MA-- Endicott was the host school at the competition held at Twisdenwood Farm in Georgetown on November 20. Nine schools competed in the last fall show of the season.

Strong Endicott rides were put in by Megan Piermarini, who won another 1st in Novice Flat and second place finishes by Greta Lindquist, Chelsea Conant, and Bethany Prussman.

Stonehill College was Champion High Point School while Tufts received Reserve Champion.

The Endicott team received high complements for the organization of the show, the quality of the horses and facilities, and especially for the food, prepared by Coach Andreottolas' husband, Lou. As this group is used to the usual horse show fare of dried out hot dogs and hamburgers cooked to shoe leather firmness, the eggplant parm, soups, chili, salad, etc. was joyfully welcomed on a cold day.

The team, Coach Andreottola and Advisors Susan Koso and Gabrielle Watling are very appreciative for the overwhelming support provided by parents through fundraising and volunteering their time at the show.

Results: (limited to 15 riders)

Lauren Eldridge - Fences 5th; Flat 5th
Olivia Koines - Flat 3rd

Anne Marie Coursey - Fences 5th; Flat 4th
Greta Lindquist - Fences 4th; Flat 2nd

Megan Piermarini - Fences 6th; Flat 1st
Sarah Ireland - Fences 4th; Flat 4th
Corrie Felton - Flat 4th
Caitlyn Pilch - Flat 5th

Advanced Walk-Trot-Canter:
Chelsea Conant - 2nd
Bethany Prussman - 2nd
Becky Wheaton - 6th

Beginner Walk-Trot-Canter:
Rachel Ward - 3rd
Amy Anselmi - 3rd

Amber Wilkins - 5th

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