Incoming Student-Athlete Transfer Form

What sport(s) are you interested in playing? *

Are you currently enrolled at another institution (either 2 or 4 years)?

Have you received permission to contact another institution from your current school? (D1, D2 and NAIA athletes need a form from their compliance officer while D3 can self-release for a 30 day contact period with other D3 schools).

Would you like us to send a release to your current institution asking for permission to contact you?

Have you participated in collegiate varsity athletics at any previous institution? If no, then check no and skip the rest of the form.

Are you academically eligible to participate at your current institution? (This means you are above the school's minimum GPA and have successfully passed more than 12 credit hours per semester in college).

Are you athletically eligible (not serving team suspension) at your current institution?

Have you had any on campus judicial sanctions/residence life write-ups?

Have you contacted our coaching staff about potentially transferring?

* = required field