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Membership Information

Who is eligible for a membership to the Post Center?

  • All faculty, staff, students both undergrad and graduate , trustees, and neighbors that have a letter from Dr. Wylie get FREE membership to the Post Center
  • Alumni can buy a membership for $200 a year (Prorated Sept. 1 – Aug. 31st)
  • Immediate Family members of staff, faculty, students and alumni can purchase a membership for $200 a year
  • Wylie Inn guests do have access to the Post Center
  • Members can bring a guest for a daily fee of $5, and a waiver must be signed at front desk
  • Anyone staying on campus with Endicott's Events and Conference Center can use the facilities for free, however a waiver needs to be signed
  • Montserrat students (up to 5 at a time) with ID can use facility

Completion of a membership form is necessary to activate the membership. Alumni, special groups, immediate family members of faculty and staff, and all other students are eligible for membership at a minimal cost. No one is allowed in the facility until the membership form has been completed and activated.

Member and Guest Responsibilities

All members and guests are expected to review, complete, and sign the agreement for using the facilities. Members may ask to have an orientation of the facility before becoming a member and using the equipment. Members and guests agree to abide by the regulations and policies of the College and the Post Center and to cooperate at all times with the staff. Members who bring a guest assume full responsibility for that guest and are responsible for that guest's behavior. All members and guests are expected to join the staff in promoting a safe, positive recreation and learning environment by using mature judgment in choosing clothing, actions and language. The Post Center staff reserve the right to suspend or revoke privileges for any of the following reasons: misconduct, misuse of equipment, willful destruction of property, harassment, profane or abusive language, disrespect of staff, or disregard of operational policies and procedures. Members or guests who are, or who appear to be, under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed in the center.

Guest Day Passes

With the approval of the Post Center staff, guest day passes may be available at a cost of $5.00 per day per person.  All guests must complete the appropriate registration form and comply with all the regulations and policies of the Center. Visiting prospective students may use the Center at no cost but should be accompanied by a campus member or staff member at all times.

Membership Costs

Full Year Membership - $200.00 annually *Pro-Rated (Checks only please - No Cash) Starts: September 1 Ends: August 31

Month Pass - $25.00 (Checks only please - No Cash)

Guest Day Pass - $5.00 (Please make Check payable to Endicott College Post Center)