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Men's Golf 2003-2019 (16 Seasons)

The men's golf team enters its 2019-20 campaign as the defending CCC Champions.

Year-by-Year Results and Postseason

Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC): 2003-present
New England Intercollegiate Golf Association (NEIGA): First-ever appearance on October 20, 2004
* - Invitational

Year     CCC Qlf.     CCC Finish     ECAC Finish     NEIGA     NCAA Finish   Head Coach
2000-01       N/A       N/A       N/A       N/A      N/A     Steve Nesbitt 
2001-02       N/A      N/A     N/A      N/A      N/A    Steve Nesbitt
2002-03      N/A     N/A       N/A        N/A      N/A    Steve Nesbitt
2003-04      N/A     3rd*     N/A      N/A      N/A   Mike Bemis
2004-05       N/A      2nd*     N/A     5/23     N/A   Timothy Talbot
2005-06       N/A      4th*     11/19     N/A     N/A   Richard Nagle
2006-07      N/A     1st*     N/A     12/20     N/A   Richard Nagle
2007-08      N/A     2nd*     N/A      N/A      N/A   Richard Nagle
2008-09      N/A     3rd*     4th     27/44     N/A   Matthew Hess
2009-10      N/A      1st*     1st     21st     N/A   Matthew Hess
2010-11      N/A     2nd*     2nd     32/37     N/A   Stephen R. Coan
2011-12     3rd       1st*     4/16     11/35     N/A   Tom Smith
2012-13      2/6        1st*     4/14     5/35     N/A   Tom Smith
2013-14      4/7      1st     5/15     11/38     31/41   Tom Smith
2014-15     1/7     2nd     t-5/22     7/22     N/A   Tom Smith
2015-16     t-2/7     2nd     3/14     t-9/22     N/A   Tom Smith
2016-17     2/7     1st     N/A     6/20     33/42   Tom Smith
2017-18     1/7     2nd     N/A     6/19     N/A   Tom Smith
2018-19      3/7      1st      N/A      T8/23       41/42    Tom Smith

Coaching History

Coach           Years     Best CCC Finish     Best ECAC Finish      Best NEIGA Finish   Best NCAA Finish
Steve Nesbitt           2000-03     N/A     N/A     N/A   N/A
Mike Bemis           2003-04     3rd      N/A      N/A   N/A
Timothy Talbot           2004-05     2nd      N/A      5th   N/A
Richard Nagle           2005-08     1st     11th      12th   N/A
Matthew Hess           2008-10     1st     1st      21st   N/A
Stephen R. Coan           2010-11     2nd     2nd      32nd   N/A
Tom Smith           2011-present     1st     3rd     5th   31st